Family-friendly agriturismo near florence in September?


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My wife and I, along with our two year old son, will be spending several days in Tuscany in September and are looking for places to stay. There's an overwhelming number of options on the web, so I figured I'd ask for first (or second) hand recommendations. Our ideal spot would be in the country within an 45min-1 hour of Florence - ideally to the west, since we'd love to take a trip to Pisa and the surrounding area as well - have a kitchenette and two rooms (one main room and a separate bedroom, since the two year old will go to bed earlier than us), breakfast provided, and be near or under $150/night.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!


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Kids in Tuscany


You are spot on, there are so many options. And many agriturismos and rental properties are becoming more and more prepared for accommodating smaller guests.

This link hits ten of our favorite kid-friendly accommodations in Tuscany - and the first one, which I have also personally reviewed - strikes me as exactly what you are looking for. However, all of them are very valid solutions:

(number 3 and 6 are in a good position for your Pisa & Florence day trips)

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