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Hi, 3 girls in mid 30's seeking stylish tuscan accommodation with hosts who love good food and good wine (Hosts that provide dinner/wine and breakfast). We are staying in Florence for 2 nights and plan to hire a car and explore Chianti area for 2 nights. I was thinking an area close to Siena might be ideal? however open to suggestions. Following our 2 nights in Chianti we will catch the train from Florence to Rome. I have seen so many options online however am feeling overwhelmed!

In Florence we are seeking chic central accommodation suitable for 3. In Tuscany I thought it would be nice to experience the countryside/ local food and wine and meet some lovely locals!

Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



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Meet the locals


if you are looking to meet the locals - then I suggest you look at B&B Giglio, friendly country style environment and very friendly owners.

Chic or I would say...not "traditional" in Florence... the first thing that comes to mind is Hotel Astro or a little more traditional but still very elegant is Hotel de la Ville

OR if you wanted chic in Siena...there is also Hotel Palazzeto Rosso.

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For your stay in Florence you can have a luxury stay in Hotel Brunelleschi(, or, if you are looking for something more typical, I suggest Residenza casanuova (
May be you ca choose to based on a close city like Pistoia (only half an hour far from Florence), what about this:

For a few days in the countryside I suggest Villa Ciggiano (, a perfect luxury villa with a 5 stars service. If you are looking for something different you could enjoy also Paradiso di Frassina (but I don't know if they have a room to host guests).