Fashion Designing - where to start and how to get recognised?

Alonzo Madia

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I want to for into the Fashion Design business. But I literally have NO idea where to start.
I'm 15 and going into 5th year, well tomorrow! And I'm a little stuck and in need of lots of information. Do I need to do a Fashion Design college course? (Textile design I think, it's called.)

I'm interested in finding out where to actually start, and how to get my items recognised.

Please someone help.
People with actual fashion knowledge would be so awesome, and much appreciated :)
Thank you!
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Welcome to the Forum!

Fashion design is a very interesting and charming business :)

I suppose you are looking for a school or a specific course in Florence,
that is actually the top in the field of fashion design.

I highly recommend Polimoda, one of the best international schools of style and fashion design in Europe.
At Polimoda you can choose among many different courses and programs dedicated to all aspects of fashion marketing and design.

You can find detailed information and a list of the available courses at this link.

Post again for any additional request,

Ciao from Florence!