Fastest way from Siena to Assisi


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What is the fastest way to get from Siena to Assisi? We would like to spend just a few hours in Assisi; will that be enough? Grazie.


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I found this early response from Lourdes that you might find helpful

Go to the Sena website:

Into the blue box, if you search for "Assisi" as your departure city, then it only gives you the possibility to go to Florence, Arezzo, Barberino, Incisa and Scandicci.... not where you want to go!

But if you search from Siena to Assisi and put in "round trip", you will find there is a bus that leaves from "S. MARIA DEGLI ANGELI" which is the train station for Assisi (about 4km down below the town) and connected by bus --- and, most importantly, this one goes to SIENA!

There seems to be just one bus at 10.20am, run by BALTOUR-EUROLINES-SENA / BALTOUR-SENA-ROMA MARCHE LINEE
and, even if it has a bus change at 10.40am at the train station called "Fontivegge" in Perugia, you still arrive in Siena (at the train station) at 12 noon so the bus is definitely much faster than train!! Cost is 13 euros per adult one way. Train takes too long because there are no direct trains and have you go all around the region... so in this case, bus is the way to go! I don't think you really need to buy your ticket ahead of time in any case.


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As Donna has written, the bus is faster than the train since there is a train change in Chiusi.

Otherwise, car is even faster, if you're up to driving! ;)