Festivals in Sept-Oct 2023 in tuscany


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We are headed to Milan, Lake Como, Florence/Tuscan area and Cinque Terra in Sept-Oct 2023. We would like to experience any wine or food festivals and still have flexibility to schedule around the dates. Thanks so much for any assistance and insight!!!!


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Ciao Steph,
This is a difficult question because most dates for festivals are never actually "confirmed" this far ahead of time -- they literally sometimes are "official" only until a few weeks ahead, if that, but really depends on how much the event is considered recurring. Every year we have to go off the previous year and the dates were held to offer an idea of what goes on, with an update on all the pages once things are official.
Festivals generally recur around the same time every year.

Having said that, we are still getting back into events after the pandemic and some were held this past fall and some were not, although hopefully this year will mark everyone being back to pre-pandemic schedule.

At the moment, I am working on catching up and updating all of our monthly calendars and invite you to take a look at the old pages, and go off that to help you plan at least dates for your time in Italy. Most wine and food festivals should go back on a schedule marching what is on those outdated pages. Put a reminder on your calendar to check back with us closer to your dates to have confirmation, but most of all, remain flexible. September and October are busy months and every weekend will have numerous events happening so unless you really want to go to a particular event, you will have choice on what to do each weekend even at the last minute once you're here.