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I read your blog post about taking a day trip to Fiesole. We will be in Florence on July 23 and would like to make a day trip to see Fiesole. After doing more research, I found these locations as suggestions to see in Fiesole. Can you please give your opinion of these locations. If we are relying on the local bus, would we be able to visit all of these locations? Is it easy to walk to all these locations? Do you know if they are open on a Monday?
I looked at the website for Villa Peyron and it seems they are only open Saturday and Sunday. Is that correct?

Villa Peyron al Bosco di Fontelucente

Villa Medicea

Villa San Michele - can you visit the hotel property and walk around or do you have to be staying as a guest?

Castello di Vincigliata

Should we plan a trip to Villa Gamberaia?

Thank you.