Find a faschionblogger/fashioninterested person, in Florence? :)


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My name is Anton and I work for the Swedish television as a researcher.

We are producing a Youth Program about the history of litterature, and travels to Florence the dates 26-30 October.

We are searching for a blogger with a big interest in faschion, or at least someone with a big interest in faschion, who lives in Florence.
In the age of 16-24.

We are going to make many small interviews with different persons with different big interests and would love to find someone who could talk about their relation to fashion. The topic is, "What controls our life" and we are interested in the questions "Why is fashion so big interest for you? How much time and energy and money do you spend on fashion, and why? And a little about your personal feeling for Faschion, what it gives you, and how long time you have had this interest.
The interview is very short ('round one hour), and are then being televised in Swedish Television.

I'll be happy for every tips. Maybe you are the one we are searching for, maybe you know anyone, or know anyone who might know. :)

Thank you for you time.

Best regards
Swedish Television