find an accomodation spontanously?


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i will visit florence in a few days and i will stay there for 3 nights. I'm not sure if i should book an accomodation via internet or if i will find a cheap bed on the spur of the moment.
Can you help me please? Is it easy to find a bed for 1 person when I'm already there?


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Ciao Itsme,

As a solo traveler, it is likely you might be fine and easily find somewhere to stay once you're here. The place to head to once you're in Florence is to the tourism office inside the SMN train station - there is a dedicated office there that has hotels with last minute availability.
The thing is you just go with minimum details of the hotels/residences the office has, so it is kind of blind.... and you might not find one with availability for the 3 straight nights and have to change hotels.

The advantage of looking online before you get here is that you can browse and decide which one you like among those still having availability... so at least you have a little more choice.

As a solo traveler, you can also get double rooms at single occupancy rates - in general, for others with a family or any special requests or needs, I'd say better to book online ahead of time.

So it all depends on your comfort level with being adventurous and waiting till you get here....
In case you want to take a look online beforehand, check out what's available here:

Let us know what you end up doing!!! ;-)


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Rates vary a lot depending on the type of accommodation, so anywhere from hostels where you pay per person to super nice luxury hotels. I'd say anywhere from 20 euros all the way to 300 per night, it really really depends on the type of lodging you are looking for.