Firenze Card for USA children?


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Hi everyone,

We're about to go to Florence, and we've purchased the Firenze Card for my wife and I. However, I was wondering if we have to purchase a ticket for our 11 year old. I can't seem to google a definitive answer. There are some articles that state children are free with an adult Firenze Card holder, but I'm not sure if that's _only_ for EU children. Mostly because there are other articles that state all EU children get in free regardless of Firenze card holding adults.

So does anyone know if I need a Firenze Card for my 11 year old child that's a US citizen? If so, is the price the same as an adult card, because there only seems to be one price option on the online site?



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Good news! Up to about a month and a half ago, any non-EU child would have needed their own card at the adult price. But now all children under 18, no matter their nationality, enter free to all state museums. It is a new disposition of the recently new Italian minister of culture so that's the reason most everything online is not current. But as a US citizen myself helping people organize their trips through this forum, I went looking for confirmation on the official site as soon as I heard about it! ;-)
Now with the Firenze Card it is likely you might sometimes need to stop at the ticket office regardless to pick up "free entrance" tickets even for yourselves so it's a possibility you might sometimes have to do it just for her. I'd love to know for sure, can you let me know how things turn out?