Firenze card - I called Italy and now I'm even more confused - help plz Lourdes:)


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We would like to see the Uffizi, Accademia, Duomo as priorities and then perhaps whatever else we can squeeze in 2 days.

Our priority isn't cost as much as trying to diminish wait time, although, if we can save money and cut the wait time, that would be great!

I was originally leaning toward indiv. tickets, and I called Italy to official Uffizi gallery to make a reservation.

I was told the following (don't know if this is true or not) -

- If you have a reservation only, you stand in line at Gate 3 to exchange reservation for ticket.
Then you stand in line at Gate 1 with the ticket and wait to get in.

- If you buy the ticket online (only way to do it from the states) and get a reservation, you bypass Gate 3 and go directly to Gate 1 and stand in line to go in.

- If you buy the Florence card, you go directly to Gate 1 and stand in line to go in.

- I also was told you don't need a reservation for the Florence card, but some other forums on websites say you do need a reservation?

Do you need a reservation with the Florence card or not to go to Uffizi, Academia, Duomo?

So.....where's the time saving, if those with reservations are standing in the same line as those with the Florence card? Unless I've got the whole thing wrong??

Now, to add to the confusion, is this new thing I'm hearing the "Amici" card. UGH!

What's the advantage if any of wait time with the Florence card vs. Amici card vs. buy a ticket with reservation from USA for Uffizi? Esp. if everyone is standing at Gate 1 waiting to get in without a reservation (Florence and Amici)

At Accademia and Duomo, if I have the Florence card or Amici card, does one wait there too, or not?

Thanks for helping to untangle all of this...this is an awesome site!


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Ciao Gelati,

I've seen your others posts but as it is 2:30am, I'm going to first answer this one and will get to the others tomorrow ;)

Make sure to read this article on the Firenze Card:

Basically, the Firenze Card has a few benefits over the Amici degli Uffizi membership. With both you skip the line, with both you go to the front of any line and get in without waiting.
The Firenze Card includes many many more museums, so this really depends on what you want to see in the time you have.
For you, I'd say the Firenze Card is better than the Amici degli Uffizi card if you want to try to see more than the Uffizi, Accademia, and Duomo.... but not if that is all you see.
The alternative is just booking tickets online and then trading the voucher for tickets (the line at gate 3 is solely for this and is very short), then you do go back to gate 1 to get in (the same one for Firenze Card users).
The main difference is this: for prebooked tickets (there isn't any vendor who mails tickets to you, all need to be traded for tickets) have a predetermined TIME for your visit. So if you're scheduled for 10:30am, you get there around that time and enter with all that have that time.
If you have the Firenze Card, you DON'T have to make reservations for any specific time. You just to go to the front of the line at Gate 1, show your card and the museum personnel will let you get in at the front of the line.
Once everyone goes in through security, EVERYONE inside has another line to go through the turnstiles.... so in any case, at the Uffizi, still expect a line at some point or other... the big difference is certainly shorter lines if you prebook or get the Firenze Card or the Amici degli Uffizi Card.

Gate 2 is the one for everyone to get in WITHOUT tickets or prebooked tickets.

You also skip the line at Accademia and Duomo for either card.

Ok, I'm off to bed, I'll get to your other posts tomorrow, I promise! :)


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Thank you for your help, Lourdes!

Thank you for your continued assistance, Lourdes and all members.
Planning the airfare, hotel, etc. can be daunting, but it's the small decisions which can be super confusing. It is so nice to have experts like you to help me and others. Grazie mille:)


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you're welcome! and if you have any other doubts, feel free to ask - we know how it can be to plan trips abroad where customs and ways of doing things can be quite different!