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Does the card really help to beat Queues? My experience from Paris is that everyone has the art pass, No one is queuing to BUY tickets but still hours to wait to get in as numbers are controlled and bags checked etc. In that case the card was a waste of money and we never got into Versailles as there were hundreds and hundreds all queuing with passes. Will this be the case in Florence (travelling end of Sept)

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It worked quite well for us when we were there in 2014. It was especially useful for the Accademia and the Uffizi. We had very short waits at both of those places, even though the lines for people waiting to buy tickets at each place were very long.


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Lines at the Museums


The lines to buy tickets are just as long and hot as ever! Reserving your ticket or using the Firenze card definitely cuts down on your wait time.

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Firenze Card definitely helps to skip the lines, especially in the summer time. You will for sure enjoy it in Academia and Uffizi. I don't see too many people buying it, because to repay the cost, you really need to do a lot of museums in this 3 days. So, if you are planning to visit just main places, I would suggest to make online reservation.
Anyway there are just few museums that need reservation: Academia, Uffizi and Cathedral Dome. You can enter other museums without doing long queues.

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