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Will be in Florence for a few days with my 14 year old daughter, heading to Rome via Tuscany (thinking Siena for the day). Should we train to Siena, hang out for the day then jump a train to Rome? Or should we rent a car and do a day trip to Siena and other places, drive back to Florence and then train straight to Rome from Florence? If we rent a car we could leave our luggage in Florence for the day!?! :confused:


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It would make sense to stop in Siena on the way to Rome, just that trains from Siena then go on to Chiusi, where you have to change trains and the trip is LONG. So the better alternative is to take the bus from Siena to Rome.

There is baggage storage at the bus station in Siena (which is under the piazza you arrive in - read this article for more details: It makes more sense to leave your luggage there rather than in Florence.

An other possibility: fit a day trip to Siena in the days you are in Florence, rather than at the end. That way you're in Florence on your last day and just head to Rome from Florence, once you're ready to leave.