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My husband and I are planning a trip to Italy for my 50th birthday. I have been doing a lot of research and I know that I want to plan most of my time in the Tuscany and Florence area. I don't want to over fill our days and I want to experience the culture and do some fun activities (day hikes, biking, walking etc...). We are planning on staying 10 days and allowing for 2 travel days. I have read that the following places in the Tuscany area are very beautiful and worth seeing: Siena, Lucca, San Gimignano, Cortona, and Chianti.

Here are my questions:
1.) Should we try to include Venice by flying into Venice and making our way down to Florence? If so, what are the must sees in Venice?
2.) I have heard the Amalfi coast is beautiful but if I want to spend most of my time in Tuscany should we even try to include any of Amalfi or save that for another time?
3.) What do you consider the must sees in Tuscany for our first time to Italy? I love art and architecture and the beauty in Tuscany and Florence.
4.) What are some fun adventures to do in Tuscany? I have heard you can bike the walls of Lucca and there are some good hikes. What are some good hiking recommendations or other suggested adventures?
5.) I have read that it is best to go to Italy prior to July but we will most likely have to go in mid or late July and possible the beginning of August. I know the weather is warmer but are there other things we need to know if we travel at this time?
6.) Can you suggest a sample itinerary for us for 10 days in Tuscany?

Any other recommendations or tips are much appreciated.

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Let's Hear it for the B-day girl

Tanti Auguri -

I too am coming up rather quickly on the same happy event!

Definitely try to fly into Venice, stay a night there and then the next evening train it to Florence. You could then fly out of Rome...just an idea. Amalfi is definitely beautiful - however, you could try visiting Cinque Terre which is much closer and just as fascinating. This might be an idea:

day 1 arrive - tour Venice, sleep here to get the full effect
day 2 afternoon or evening go to Florence via train
day 3 Florence (book a museum), markets and the local sites
day 4 maybe a vespa tour of Chianti, I would suggest something easy because Cinque Terre is a long day
day 5 Cinque Terre
day 6 Florence - after yesterday, I would suggest some down time - another museum and maybe a cooking lesson in the countryside
day 7 San Gimignano / Chianti or Siena
day 8 Pisa & Lucca
day 9 morning leave for Rome, plan a walking tour to give you the over all sites
day 10 Rome - the sites

Don't worry about the time frame, Tucany is beautiful all the time ;-), just remember to bring light clothing for the sunny days, a sweater - because believe it or not if you are in the countryside it can get a bit chilly and a light rain coat!

You can look up some organized tours here:

I hope this helps a bit.

Buon Viaggio
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Thank You Buon!

Thank you so much for your advice and suggestions Buon! I really appreciate it. It is a bit overwhelming since there are so many beautiful places to go and see in Italy. Happy Birthday to you too soon :)