First time to Tuscany, staying for 4 nights

Leanne Debbie

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Hi, my partner and i are staying for 4 nights in Tuscany from the 1st August to the 5 August. I'm learning about Tuscany.
Is it hard to drive there? I come from Australia. We drive on the left side. I believe you drive on the right there.
Is that correct? How much to hire a car a day? I want to get to the Hot springs in Saturnia. Is there a local tour bus or a driver to take you here?
I'm not sure which is the best place to stay in Tuscany to see the most of this town. If you have any ideas i'd be very grateful.
thank you in advance.


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Ciao Leanne and welcome to our forum!

As a first time visit to Tuscany and with only 4 days, I would NOT recommend trying to include Saturnia or driving into your itinerary. It isn't hard to drive here bu,t like you said, it is on the other side of the road than you're used to and it takes time to get used to it and 4 days is not a lot. Aside from the 4 days in Tuscany, where else will you be going to? If you're spending more time in Italy elsewhere before and after, then maybe adding driving into the planning might be fine, it all depends on what you're planning in addition to this time. Where do you fly in/out of?

For 4 days, I'd suggest either Florence or Siena as a base: 2 days in Florence, a day trip to Pisa and Lucca and another day trip to Siena. You can take train to Pisa and Lucca and bus to Siena. That way you have a good intro to the top sights in Tuscany, see the cities, museums, great architecture and also see some countryside on the bus/train.

Take a look at some of the basic itineraries for 3 or 5 days here:
as you want a mix of what's suggested on there. Chianti, for example, does require a car to be seen well so you can consider renting out for just one day if you want to include that -- or join a group guided tour, which in wine country makes better sense. You can do wine tasting and not worry about driving: wine tasting