First time to Tuscany this September - Help!


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Hi there,

My fiance and I are planning to visit Tuscany for 5 or 6 days in the first week of September (we'll be on the Amalfi coast for a week before that). We're planning to catch the train up to Florence. We aren't planning on hiring a car.

We're a bit lost in regards to where we should stay! We enjoy eating good food, drinking good wine and also the sunshine. (we'd like to stay in accommodation with a pool). Also looking to do some day trips to some wineries and other sites of interest. We'd want our accommodation to be within walking distance of some nice eateries.

Also - how would we get around without a car? Bus or train? Looking to stay in accommodation in the range of 200 euro per night). Don't really want to stay in Florence- bit too big :) We'll be flying out from Florence I think, but that's not really here nor there.

Any assistance is much appreciated!



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Panoramic views

Hello Chris -

I'm not sure if the pool is what you are more interested in or just some great views and being close to good food - both of these places I am suggesting do not have a pool BUT they do make up for it in ambiance and services. The owners go out of their way to make your stay special so they would be available to help you with figuring out how to move around without a car...though I will be honest Tuscany is a lot of land to cover and you may want to look into maybe renting a car even if it is just for a couple of day during the trip - otherwise you will spend all of your time waiting for buses and trains.

Buon Viaggio


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You could always stay in the surroundings near Florence and arrange for pick-up and drop-off into town when you arrive or depart. It really depends how far in the countryside you want to be, and whether you want to be a bit secluded or not.
There are many farmhouses just outside of small towns and within walking distance to the town. I would also recommend Fattoria il Lago ( right outside Dicomano, or maybe a smaller B&B such as La Paggeria ( Actually, La Paggeria offers cooking classes and tours of the area, so without a car that might be the best way to get the best of everything ;-)


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I hope you love Firenze and Tuscany as much as my wife and I did our first time. It is nice you do not want to incur the cost of a rental car, but in all honesty? Rent one. Make sure it has GPS so you don't get lost. I do not know how much of a car nut you are, but cruising around on those country roads, manual shift little hatchback, it was glorious. Plus the freedom my wife and i had to just go off and explore.