First trip to Tuscany: 9 days


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First of all, sorry for my English (origin: French).

This Sunday we're going for 9 days (until Monday 7th October) to Tuscany. For me, it's the first time I visit this part of Italy (my girlfriend already did Florence, ...).

We're renting a car in Pisa and have booked 2 nights in Montecatini Terme, 2 nights in Firenze, 2 nights in Chianciano Terme en 2 nights in Cappanoli.

So far our plan is:
Sunday: landing in Pisa and a short visit. In the evening to Montecatini Terme

Monday: visit Lucca

Tuesday: from Montecatini to Florence (is Pistoia or Prato worth seeing?)

Wednesday: Florence

Thursday: from Florence to Chianciano, following the classical Chianti-route (Greve in Chianti, Radda, Gaiole) and visting Montepulciano

Friday: visit to Cortona + Eremo Le Celle (Cortona and Arezzo in one day, is a bit "too" I think)

Saturday: from Chianciano Terme to Cappanoli: visit Montalcino and Siena

Sunday: visit Volterra and San Gimigniano

Monday: back to Pisa (eventually visit Livorno)

My girlfriend likes visiting old places (churches, medieval castles, ...), I prefer relax, good eating, wine, ... Is this trip not too overloaded; what should I delete / add?

Thanks !


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If you have 9 days then this is perfect. Although a little packed plan, so when you will leave you will be all tired. And do visit all these places, max what you can do is make the same trip extended buy a day or two. Enjoy!!


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Ciao Kris and welcome to the board! Your english seems perfect, wouldn't have known you weren't a native speaker!

Your itinerary seems pretty good and relaxed as you move across Tuscany. Let me make comments down the days as you have listed.

Monday - make sure to make a visit to Montecatini Alto, which is on the hilltop above Montecatini Terme, that is where the "old" city is located.

Tuesday - definitely fit in Pistoia or Prato, both are smaller towns with historical centers worth seeing, they are just not often on most itineraries because when time is limited, others win out... but since you're passing by there, I'd recommend either. I've only visited both quite quickly but both seemed quite charming (saw the centers of each but really have to go back to both!)

Thursday - if you spend the moving down through Chianti, Montepulciano might make it only late in the evening or not at all, see how you are time-wise.

Saturday - make the stop in Montalcino quite quick (or skip altogher) so that you can spend more time in Siena.

You do have a lot of stops planned, but I think once you're both here you'll be able to determine whether the pace is too fast or if you can skip something to take a little longer someplace. Many of the towns are charming and beautiful, but many will also start looking similar - sitting on hilltops, make of stone and bricks, medieval towers and walls ;-) so while I hope you manage to see everything on your list, if you don't, don't feel bad - just plan another trip back! :D