First trip to Tuscany in June, travelling by train and bus


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we are planning our first trip to Tuscany at the beginning of June. We will be staying for 2 weeks and would prefer not to drive. I had originally considered starting with 3 days in Florence and moving to the coast but on reading the Lonely Planet guide I’m wondering if Pisa would be the best place to arrive, have some day trips to Florence and maybe Sienna and then stay a while in Lucca.
I think we would like quality rather than quantity of experience and also some down time. Feeling like we’re invited to a feast and know we won’t be able to taste every single dish! Does this sound like an achievable plan? Thank you


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Quality over Quantity


If I had to choose between Pisa or Lucca - personally I would go with Lucca, not because it is more beautiful or has more monuments/museums but because I love the small atmosphere, which feels just a bit more authentic.

And there is so much you can do from Lucca, read this article for some ideas:

I suggest you have a look at this link, there are several great organized tours that leave from Pisa (which is a quick train trip from Lucca)

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