first visit to Italy - babe in the woods

ian howarth

New member
Hi all
Partner and I plan to visit Italy from June 7 for about 6-8 days.
We are aged 55 and fit and healthy so walking a bit is good.
Our plan is to spend the time principally in Tuscany and would love to visit Cinque Terre
We are trying not to do too much in a short time so thought the following might be a good plan.
We could fly or train from London or Paris to Italy. Probably arrive in Florence.
Spend a couple of days there then move west to Lucca to enable visits to Pisa and surrounding highlights.
Then take train up to Cinque Terre for a couple of days. We wont try and visit all five towns, may the bigger ones including Monterosso.
As this is all new some ideas on how to fill the gaps would be sensational. Many earlier posts have provided a wealth of ideas but any further assistance would be very gratefully received.
We are happy, probably keen, to avoid expensive hotels and generally prefer B&B style accommodation.
We have no Italian language but happy to muddle through in schoolkid fashion with a phrase book and arm waving.
Very keen on local wines and food and love the coast and seafood but we enjoy sampling any local food specialities.