Flea market in Florence


I , m again looking for decoration for Italian restaurant and going to be in Italy at the end of January . First, did everyday flea market change it place in Florence ?The second , where will be market at the end of month in Florence ? The third, shall I take special permission for transforming old thing out of Italy ?


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Getting stuff out of Italy


Check out this link for a pretty extensive overview of the different markets that you can visit while in Italy:


As for getting stuff out of Italy, if you are buying from a reputable antiques dealer, they will know and have the docs ready for you to ship anything. However, I believe that in most cases these docs refer to ARTWORK - and sometimes even modern art will fall in this category.

The document does not cost anything, it is simply a auto certificate certifying that the object is free and clear to leave Italy. This is done through the Italian government office Beni Culturale, and again, the seller should help you get this document. It applies mostly to aftwork that is older than 50 years and that has a cultural value.

Anything younger than that, I would say use your common sense...small objects at a flea market are probably no problem. ;-)

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