Florence Airport to Galluzzo on a Sunday Evening


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We are coming to Florence the last week of May and will be staying in a farmhouse in Galluzzo we arrive around 6pm on a Sunday. I am just trying to see the easiest method of transport for us when we arrive and the most cost effective. I gather we could easily get a Volla bus into the main railway station in Florence in 20mins and for a few euros but from there to Galluzzo will any buses be running on a Sunday evening or can we walk from there? I assume taxi will be our worst case as assuming will be fairly expensive for 4 adults, 2 kids and 2 suitcases?

Any travel advice would be much appreciated if people think taxi from airport would be reasonable also interested to hear. its possible the people who we are renting from may be able to pick us up but I would like to understand our travel options on a sunday evening to make sure we are fully prepared if we need to make our own way



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buses do run on Sundays

Ciao Austin,

If you're staying in a farmhouse, it is likely not to be in the center of town so definitely ask the people who you are renting from whether they can pick you up at the airport and if there is a cost, of course. That way you can weigh your options better.

Other options:
1. Taxi - you'll likely need 2 taxis given the number of people you have.... from the airport to the center of Florence, cost is around 20-25 euros. To Galluzzo, I think it will more likely be around 30-40 euros given the distance is greater. It is hard to know ahead of time actual cost since it is based on the meter.... I agree this might be the most expensive option.

2. Take the Vola in Bus bus from the airport to the SMN train station. One way ticket is 6 euros, 10 round trip, per person. Since the service runs until 11.30pm, you don't have to worry about it being too late. The service runs everyday of the week. From SMN, you can catch any of these ATAF lines to Galluzzo - 36, 37, 41, 46 - which one totally depends on your destination.... one might actually take you pretty close to where you are staying.

You have an address of the farmhouse? Buses do run on Sundays, just with less runs.... so if you have an address, you can check on www.ataf.net the schedules for the buses and see which one works out best. If you map your address on Google maps, click on nearby bus icons and it will tell you which bus stops there. That's a good way to start.

Hope this helps, if you need some more help let me know and I'll help you figure it out :)