Florence for Easter


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My family will be in Florence for the first time the Sat. before Easter until the day after, Monday. Please advise a restaurant for Easter dinner and any sites we should visit. We would love to attend Easter Mass!We are staying at local AirBnb. Also, will trains be running to Sienna on Easter Monday? Grazie!


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Easter in Florence


Easter Lunch:

If you are looking for something traditional, it would be Easter lunch and I suggest that you look through this list of restaurants for a classical lunch menu (normally includes spinach ravioli and lamb) My advise is to BOOK in adavance, because they fill up fast - and the early you set the time, the less you will wait for service. Many of these are connected to The Fork, a great booking service that I use in Florence - and very easy to use!


Mass for Easter:

Mass at the Duomo will be crowded, though there are several other churches in the city which will hold a lovely service.

You are a bit ahead of us, but we will be updating our calendars shortly. However many activities remain the same they just change dates to accommodate the floating holidays. Check out this article for Easter Holiday actiities:


Trains for Easter Monday:

Yes, the trains do run on Monday after Easter - however, remember that it is still considered a HOLIDAY in Italy and they will be running with the festive schedule which means not as frequent (and possible delays). Be sure to check the hours before you head to the train station.

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