Florence in March for Girls Trip, A Couple of Qs


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Just returned from a fabulous and self planned trip to Italy (just hubs and me) for 25 days in October, including Rome, Abruzzo, Umbria, Florence, the Val d' Orca, and Venice. Now some girlfriends who have never been to Italy want me to plan a girls trip in March to celebrate a couple of birthdays, enjoy art and shopping (I'm good there), and perhaps a day in the countryside. There will likely be four to five of us, and I am thinking perhaps two days in Rome and then on to Florence for about four days. Option two would be six days in Florence only, which would include one day in the countryside. I am cool with guides or organized excursions.

We are 40s-60s, healthy, active, and have limited time (due to jobs and families). I know a fair amount about the main cathedrals, art, and shopping in and around Florence (been there three times) but have been there in August and October. First question: What should I expect, say, around mid March in terms of weather, things being open or not, goings on, etc.?

Secondly, although I loved the Val d' Orca (spent a week on agriturismo there and explored hill towns), I'm thinking of a place in the countryside closer to Florence, reachable by train or tour operator. Have been to Lucca. Thinking San Gimignano or Cortona, or maybe organized excursion to Chianti for vino and cuisine. Suggestions please!


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Travelling in March


March is still pretty much cool to cold as far as temps go, check out this article for more info:

But that doesn't mean that Tuscan can't be fun!...I would suggest going all for one place. Visit Tuscany and maybe split it 3 days in the city center and 3 days in the countryside.

Look into activities (other than shopping ;-) ) that can be good inside and outside. You will find wineries and tours open in that period, as well as cooking classes, villa tours and museums. You could also look at having a chef come in and doing a class together or make a meal for you.

You could look at staying in the countryside near San Gimignano, Siena or on the outskirts of Florence.

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