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We are heading to Florence and Tuscany in the beginning of May with a group of 6. We are staying in Florence until Tuesday and then heading to Siena to discover Tuscany.

We are arriving in Milan on Saturday and taking the train to Florence. We will hopefully be arriving into the Santa Maria Novello Train station between 12:00- 13:00.

Saturday: After we check into our hotel which is near the Duomo and getting a quick bite to eat , I was thinking about going to the duomo, bell tower, baptistery, Medici palace, and Palazzo Vecchio (aka Rick Steves Renaissance Walk). Should we try and see one of the major museums (Uffizi or Accademia) on Saturday evening or just do both on Sunday? After dinner possibly go to Piazza della Signoria

Sunday: I was thinking of doing the: Uffizi, Accademia, Pitti Palace, San lorzenzo market, Ponte vecchio. Would that be too much?

Monday: Since most of the museums are closed on Monday, we were going to take a side trip to Pisa/Lucca on that day.

Tuesday: We leave for Siena, but we could do a museum or something else in the morning prior to us leaving.

Is there any other Piazzas or attractions we should see while in Florence? Any help would be appreciated. ;)


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Florence itin


One of the things I truly enjoy about Florence is that the historical center is so walk-able, and you can easily tour the city streets in one day seeing so much .... of course without going into any museums. However, it is also true that Florence is loaded with beautiful museums.

I wouldn't suggest doing all your museums on one day - it is a bit of over load. Maybe try and book a museum on Sat. - for example the Accademia because it is a bit smaller than the Uffizi. Then book the Uffizi on Sunday. And if you wan,t do Palazzo Pitti on Tuesday before you leave for Siena.

I also noticed that you didn't mention Santa Croce - a beautiful church with some amazing artwork and tombs - and you didn't mention Piazza Michelangelo, very panoramic and totally worth the visit. This would be beautiful at sunset or even at night when you can see city illuminated with the city lights.

Have Fun

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Thank you for your response, so I have changed it a little bit:

• Medici-Riccardi Palace
• San lorzenzo market
• Accademia Gallery Tour
• Palazzo Vecchio
• Ponte vecchio
• piazza della signoria

• Uffizi Gallery
• Santa Croce Church
• Mercato Nuovo and see the statue of the Wild Boar
• Baptistery
• Duomo Cathedral
• Climbing the Dome
• Pitti palace
• Giardino Bardini-Garden
• Evening in Piazza Michelangelo

Does this sound better?


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Yes, it sounds better!

Take a look at these itineraries just to give you an idea of the order -http://www.visitflorence.com/itineraries-in-florence/three-walking-itineraries.html

For example, on Sat. since you arrive in afternoon, I'd head to do the Medici Riccardi and Accademia first, as everything else has longer opening times.

Sunday looks good except for the Pitti Palace - it houses 5 museums, plus the Boboli gardens so you'll have to choose what to see there and maybe leave it to Monday or Tuesday. 3 of the 5 and Boboli ARE open on Mondays, check this article for more museums open on Mondays: http://www.visitflorence.com/florence-museums/open-on-mondays.html

Otherwise, it looks good!


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Seeing "David" in Florence

Thank you for all of your previous suggestions.
We will be traveling to Florence at the end of April, we will probably only have one day and our goal is to see the statue of "David". I see on the museum website that times are blocked in 15 minute increments. Can you give me tips on entering the museum, wait lines, are we allowed to see the statue only during that 15 minutes. We will also be traveling onto Turin to see The Shroud of Turin and are making reservations for that exhibit. Any information you have to add would be helpful.


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visits to the museum

The last time I went into the museum to see David though they have 15 minute intervals, I believe you were allowed to tour the museum at you own pace. So if you wanted to spend more or less time admiring David - it was OK.