Florence-Lucca direct train in August


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I am now checking a day trip from Florence to Lucca. Unfortunately, for some reason I couldn't find direct trains between the cities in all of August. I could find until August and from September 2nd. Do you know why and if it's really true or not? Maybe the schedule is not updated yet?


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direct trains


they are still dealing with an interruption in the track, so at this moment there are no direct trains...I know it stinks! Just imagine the people that use the train as a commuter going to Florence to work!

According to the news, this will be interrupted till Sept 1st...but I wouldn't make plans on it quite yet.

If you really want to use the train to get to Florence, the easiest solution would be to take the train from Lucca to Pisa and then a direct train to Florence.

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This means you arrive to Montecatini train station, they have a bus transfer to the next train station and you get back on the train -- it is a pain so yes, it can be avoided by going around to Pisa.