Florence or Cinque Terre on August 15

Natalie Mosc

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Hello, Lourdes,

What can we do in Florence or around Florence on August 15th? I hear it's a big holiday and a lot of places will be closed. We arrive in Florence 2 days before and I was thinking to do Cinque Terre trip on Aug 15th. Will it be overcrouded? Also, is everything going to be closed in the villages on that day?

Thank you very much!


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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It is more likely that things will be open in the villages, considering how popular they are. Anything along the coast, where most people head to in August because of the heat, should be open.
As far as Florence goes, restaurants remain open and so do museums that are generally open on Mondays -- those that close on Mondays (Uffizi and Accademia) will likely remain closed.
You could plan to do a walking tour on that day, or spend the day walking around and pack a picnic and enjoy it along the river. Or not pack a picnic and just head to the many riverside locations open right now for lunch and dinner from the Torre della Zecca Vecchia and east along the left riverbank.

As far as festivities, it is a religious holiday so there are lots of mass services on that day. We tend to skip and just plan on a relaxing day by a pool or just in the countryside doing a morning hike, then picnic or lunch out.