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I will stayin in Florence for 6 nights in July. I am planning to rent a car from Siena. I would not prefer to drive in Florence. I will be visiting wine country for four days and balance in Florence. Is there anywhere near Florence, on the way to Siena, a nice town where I should park my car safely and pick up every morning and go in different directions and comeback to that town and head to Florence every night. I need suggestions.


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You can base yourself the entire 6 days in Chianti and take day trips... or just 4 days, then return the car and base yourself in Florence.

You're arriving in Siena first and will be staying there as well? Or arriving in Florence, departing from Florence?
Otherwise I'd suggest doing it opposite: first Florence, then renting out of Florence and moving out to the countryside for the remainder of the days.

For lodgings - I'd suggest you take a look at http://www.tuscanyaccommodation.com to book directly with the owners and get the best rates. I suggest a B&B in Chianti, depending on your budget I'd suggest:


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Parking outside of Florence

Buongiorno -

though I believe Lourdes has a good idea when she suggest you divide the trip into time in Florence (with no car and no worries about parking) and time outside of Florence. If you really want to stay in Florence you could look at a parking lot called Sacambiatore Europa at Via del Cimitero del Pino, 50126 Firenze. It is easy to get to from Chianti and the Autostrada and it has buses that go into the city center very regularly.

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Thank you Donna and Loudres!

What is Sacambiatore Europa at Via del Cimitero del Pino, 50126 Firenze? Is it a parking place, overnite also? I have a hotel room at Florence already thru air/land package. In four days I would like to cover Siena, San Gimignano, Voltera, Sangiovese and Chianti region, Coltora, Montpulcino (Brunello area) and surroundings. Do you think I should do with public transportation or rental car? Please advise asap as I am leaving on 11th July.

Also, is it safe to park overnite at Siena train station?

Thanx again!
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It is the parking lot called "EUROPA" on this page:
and yes, it offers overnight parking (between 7pm and 7am, 6 euros for the 12 hours).

It would be very useful as it it is near the A1 and the Chiantigiana road, so it would make it easier to travel around to all the places you want staying away from the historical center - you can take bus from there downtown.