Florence to Chianti by taxi


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My friend and I are travelling to Florence in a few weeks and are planning to visit all the main tourist attractions in Florence, but we also want to spend an hour or so visiting a vineyard in Chianti just to take some pictures. I'm not sure if this would even be possible however, is it possible to take a metered taxi from Florence to Chianti, make them wait for an hour and then drive us back to Florence? If it is possible, how much approximately might this cost in total?


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Taxi to Greve


There are a few other options other than a taxi to Greve: the bus could be a possibiity since it runs pretty frequently to Greve in Chianti, and there are a few walkable wine tasting sites or you could look into a half day guided tour.

Read through this article for a few ideas: https://www.chianti.com/wine-tasting/chianti-wine-tasting-without-a-car.html

I apologize, I really don't know the cost of a taxi, but I would expect that if you are paying them to drive to a vineyard, wait and then drive back - it just might be more cost effective to price out a NCC (private driver with car): https://www.discovertuscany.com/tuscany-car-rental/tuscany-wine-and-drive.html

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