Florence to Pisa - when to buy train tickets?


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Hi all,

We are in Florence for two and a half days (Saturday through Monday) 18th to 20th April.
I want to take a morning trip on either the Sunday or the Monday, to Pisa to see the leaning tower. I don't want to take a chance and wait till we are there to book tickets, so want to know if I should pre-book?

Trenitalia website only allows Florence/Pisa tickets to be booked 7 days in advance, but can't see prices yet.

So basically what I need is advice on:
Do I book now or wait till we're there.
Will tickets online be cheaper than direct at station?
What, roughly is the price for a return ticket Florence/Pisa?



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Thanks so much

I don't think it is necessary to purchase in advance. We have made that trip a couple of times in June and July. We simply went to the train station and used the automatic machines. It is best to buy the round-trip ticket, so you don't have to make a purchase on the return trip. There were plenty of seats on the train both times we did it. Make sure to stamp your ticket in the little machine next to the track before boarding!

Thanks so much, makes sense. I'm just kinda used to being prepared, but I think for this one I'll take the chance and get the ticket at the station on the day.


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Being Prepared


I agree that it is not really necessary to get your train ticket in advance. Just be to the station a little early so that you can buy your ticket with no rush. The prices are not online....however you did ask for a rough guess, so between 5 - 8 Euros.

However, I would advise booking your ticket in advance for visiting the tower - unless you are fine with just admiring it from the outside .... which is lovely as well.

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Cost is 8 euro. No difference whether you buy online or not.

Don't worry, you won't be taking any chances - all trains between Florence and Pisa are REGIONAL trains, which means all seats are second class and there is no assigned seating. This means all tickets for these trains are sold WITHOUT a time or date. So you can take ANY train, the ticket is valid for 2 months from time of purchase and what you DO NEED to do as Uomo Grasso said is STAMP your ticket in the machines along the tracks BEFORE getting on the train. That validates your ticket, putting date and time on the ticket so that you can use it. If caught on train without that stamp, you get fined!! more than 8 euros!
So just validate the ticket, get on and find yourself a seat wherever you want!

This also means you can stop at the train station any time once you're here and buy the tickets (the automated machines are great and in English) - either right before you want to go (do recommend getting the round trip ticket already) or the day before, if you have time to stop by.

Enjoy Florence and Pisa!!