Florence to Tuscany to Milan - What are our options?


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I will be visiting Italy in May. Our trip ends with Florence / Tuscany, but we have to make it back to Milan for our plane ride home. Once we leave Florence, we will have two nights to visit Tuscany and make it back to Milan. Our flight leaves in the late afternoon, so wondering what would allow us to get the most out of the last 2 days, but still make it in time for our flight. We will have a car and would like to see Siena, Pisa and visit a winery. I would like to spend one of the nights in Tuscany. The other is open for question. Is it possible to stay in La Spezia the second night, leave in the morning and still make it to MXP by our 4 pm flight? Or am I being too ambitious? Help!



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You might want to consider flip flopping your Florence / Tuscany stay and do a day or two in Tuscany first and end in Florence. I believe you would maximize your time better. The train in Florence is definitely the fastest way to get to Milan. So you could stay in the countryside and then drop your car off and enjoy the city before packing up and hopping over to the train station. And since most hotels will hold your luggage you can do a final walk around the city and markets before heading up to Milan and catching your flight.

I would look into one of the B&B's in the Tuscany area, for example:





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