Florence to Val D'Orcia


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Hello! :D
My husband and I will be traveling through Italy for around 10 days in early September and we wanted to spend a couple nights in Florence/Tuscany. We plan on renting a car and staying in Florence for two nights before heading off to Rome for the end of our trip (with the beginning of our trip being in Venice). I had set my sights on driving to the Val D'Orcia area after seeing some gorgeous pictures. We planned on allowing one full day to leave early from Florence to make our way out there and do some exploring we are both looking to fully absorb the Tuscan countryside and check out any sights along the way. . I was hoping to get a little insight on a couple of things. . . . ANY help would be GREATLY appreciated. .

1. What is the best suggested (scenic) route to take from Florence to Val D'Orcia?
2. Places we should stop at along the way?
3. Any hot springs on this route that we could potentially stop at?

Thanks so much in advance for any suggestions that can be made. . . . the 2 nights we are going to be spending in Florence is what I am looking MOST forward to in Italy! :)