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I was referred to your site about moving around Florence with a disability. After reading the intro I see that the information is only in Italian, which, unfortunately I don't read. I have a moderate disability walking and with stairs. My problems are both knees and feet. I'm doing pretty well currently but know I will be challenged. I'm hoping to come to Florence for 3-4 weeks so that I can tour slowly and get the feel of living in the city. In your information you say to let the site know if it would be of help to have the information in English and I certainly think it would be. Thank you.
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Accessible Florence

Dear ohno9999,

As we say in our article, Florence can be a real challenge with a physical disability unfortunately. The historical center has more than 500 years and wasn't planned to be accessible. Of course this is also its beauty.

I recommend the book The Accessible Guide To Florence by Cornelia Danielson. It gives useful tips and suggestions to plan your holiday in Florence.

Secondly I suggest you ask for assistance when booking museum tickets. In fact, most Florentine museums have ramps, lifts or stair lifts, but it's better if you inform them in advance that you'll need to use them.

I would also give you the same advice for your accommodation in Florence. Inform them that you'll need assistance and make sure they are equipped to accommodate people with physical disability. Most hotels, B&Bs and other lodgings have lifts and ramps, but many others aren't properly equipped.

You can also book a tour with Pedicab, the very recent rickshaws that move around Florence's historical center. They organize special and customizable tours for people with special needs. Unfortunately the website is in Italian, but the site doesn't have that much information in any case, it is better if you contact them directly.

Another resource is Accessible Italy which is a no-profit organization specialized in helping foreign tourists with disabilities to access Italy.

Last, but not least, I ask you to be patient for a few days. We found some useful information about museums and their facilities and we will update our article Moving around the city with a physical disability as soon as possible.

Don't hesitate to come back with any other question and have a nice day :D