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visiting florence sept wanted to stay at hotel Degli Orafi is parking my car going to be a problem if so can you please advies me on alternative hotels


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The hotel has an excellent position - however if you have to find parking on your own, it could be a bit difficult. There is plently along the Arno river and there are some nearby public parking lots - but that can be costly and time onsuming, I would first check with the hotel who most probably has arrangments with a local garage.

Another hotel you could look at that is not it the city center like this one - but is still close and is Hotel Astro and it has parking.

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That hotel is really central so definitely ask them if they have agreements with a private garage that is nearby - you might get a discount for the days you stay there and they'll make sure that your license plate is taken off the fine list for entering the ZTL area.

An excellent alternative right along the Arno river further down is Hotel Principe as they are also walking distance from all of the sights AND have their own parking lot right by their back garden.