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I am taking a group of 7 Finnish youngsters to Italy, Toscana area this August-17 for a three days trip.

Group members are passionate beginners in flyfishing and my issue is this:

Is it possible for us to fish by a river or by a seashore, catch and release of course.
We are a very responsible group, we take care of nature and respect all lives, even fishes, we take always all barbs away from the hooks.

What are the fishing seasons in Italy and what kind of permits and licences we need to buy?

LOVE, Katia


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Flyfising in Tuscany

Buongiorno -

I spoke to a good friend of mine who is a fisherman here in Tuscany and he gave me these two links for you to check out:
this is located near Anghiari and Sansepolcro, they use the Tevere river and he said (in his opinion) this is the prettiest he has seen. It is a Reserve where you can go - the season starts the 1zt of May and ends the 31 of December. You would pay a visitor fee (approx. 10 €) and then a one day liscence fee.

another site is near the Mugello - also a pretty area -

Their season starts the last Sunday in March and goes until the last Sunday in November.

If you want to look for more info - the phrase is "pesca a mosca" in Italian.

They fish trout and temoli, which is grayling.

Hope this helps,

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise