Flying into Florence 5 days in January - time to go to Rome?


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Good day! First time in Italy and flying into Florence - but also wanted to spend 2 days in Rome ! How feasible is it to do that ? Thank you


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Rome from Florence


though I believe you will find more than enough to entertain you in Florence without venturing outside the region of Tuscany :) is very possible to visit Rome. Even in just one day. You can catch the early morning Freccia Rossa/Argento or Italo a new train service (both are speedy gonzales trains) it is possible to be there by 9 am and then home again intime to catch a pizza at a Florentine Pizza Place.

I have done this several times with family and friends who really just wanted to "see" Rome. It is a packed day, and if you really want to get in to any place be sure you reserve in advance. Rome is not as "walk-able" as Florence is so be sure to wear good shoes and be prepared to dive into the Italian public transport service.

Buon Viaggio,
Donna Denise