Flying into Florence Jan- 41/2 days in Italy-suggestions to go to Rome also


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I know it's a bit of stretch but flying into Florence on the 13 of Jan around noon and leaving on the 18 Jan on really early flight. I was hoping for best suggestion of taking train or renting a car to go to Rome for 2.5 days ? Any suggestions / ideas ? How mild or cold is the weather in Jan ? Thank You


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Rome from Florence


The weather in tell the truth the weather (anywhere) has been really a hit of miss...but the norm is that January is chilly to freezing cold. So definitely be prepared and dress in layers. Gloves, a hat and a scarf (unless you want to buy a "bell ricordo" of Florence and get a beautiful pair of handmade leather gloves while here).

You can see more about the weather at this link:

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If you really want to go to Rome (although I'd recommend visiting closer towns in Tuscany first - Siena and Pisa are magnificent even in January), then the train is the way to go!


I agree it's hard to determine the weather these days due to global warming etc. The world is changing as we know it