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Me and partner are coming to Tuscany in Nov, Terricciola to be exact, And since i think i have a small ocd for planning, i want to plan well ahead especially on where we will find the best food, and by best food I mean home made - non tourist local restaurants, and so one of my questions is what are the best places? we are renting a car so we can travel to anywhere. We also want to visit winery and salumi places, we really wanna get a taste of the real tuscany and avoid the typical tourist spots! if anyone can give us some help we would be very glad :)

Thanks in advance

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arriving in November


There's no problem trying to be prepared :cool:

Since you are arriving in November, I will say in the countryside you will definitely find more restaurants that cater to the locals since the larger part of the tourists have already come and gone. I suggest that you check out the events for Novemeber and make a plan to go to some of the sagras - these events are planned for tourists...but for the Italian tourist so there is a difference in the menus - which are pretty authentic to the local specialties.

Read this article to understand what a sagra is:

The calendar will be updated in October - however many of the events are annual so you can start planning now for which ones interest you the most!

Buon Viaggio,

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