Food, Cheese and wine festivals


I have been reading a lot about some wonderful local wine, cheese and food festivals in Italy, i.e., specifically in Tuscany. Most of these are in small villages and I understand that they are wonderful to experience. How does one find out about these events? I will be in Tuscany for 14-17 days in or around May and again in the fall, late August, September or October. Any information?


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most sagre are publicized with posters in towns and along roads

The majority of these events are quite small and local - so these towns generally do one type of publicity: posters!! yep, even in the age of the internet, most of these events are not publicized on the web and only little by little are many realizing that they should let others know about it... although I sometimes get the impression that the locals like these "sagre" to be local affairs and prefer it to remain that way. Many of the visitors you'll see at these events are ones that randomly were in the area and found out about the events.

Now the larger and recurring events we find about we immediately add to our calendar of events in Tuscany. In September there are various wine festivals that occur every year so you'll see them on there, as well as those tied with chestnuts, new olive oil pressings, funghi porcini.... the majority of food festivals though are still mainly publicized by bright neon colored posters in towns - so make sure to pay attention to those! they are how the local community publicize all local events.