Fresh celery juice in Florence

Mona Withoft

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I would like to ask if you know of a place there will make fresh celery juice every morning or afternoon? I am on a 2 weeks language school in the centre of Florence.
I have juicers, but as I am travelling alone, can’t take it with me this time, as I will be arriving by train.
Any help will be most appreciated.And I look forward to read all your postings,
Ciao Mona (withøft)


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Ciao Mona, are you already in Florence or coming soon?

There are a few places that offer juices/smoothies - but you might have to specifically ask for just celery juice if that's what you're after.

Try Carduccio in the Oltrarno (just off the Piazza Pitti in the Sdrucciolo de' Pitti) and the Rooster Café (there is on in Oltrarno as well as another near the Duomo on Via Sant'Egidio).
Then there is #RAW and the Shake Cafe (also two locations). Not knowing where you're staying not, not sure which place to recommend. If you search on Google Maps, you'll find them all.
The Tamarindo Juicery near Santa Croce is definitely one to try, but I've not been there yet!