From Fiesole to Florence


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This link makes me laugh - for those of Florence or Fiesole it is a simple journey though at the same time attractive. A more interesting driving experience may be to the top of the Vallombrosa or the Passo della Consuma which leads to Poppi which is considered one of the locations with the best diet in Italy - i.e. the world!


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I have heard about the trail - though I will be sincere I have never personally but my colleagues (who are avid hikers) have hiked it a while ago and they were very impressed with the area and the natural beauty. If you are coming in from the north, I do encourage you to check it out. It is pretty well marked with road signs and trails.

Mugello is often overlooked - but the area has lots to offer and November will promise you lots of local specialties, especially chestnuts!!

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Ciao Stev,

If you love hiking, then make sure to plan the time outdoors in Tuscany as there are a LOT of lovely areas and trails.

The "Via degli Dei" is a trail between Florence and Bologna - a little over 100km. It overlaps over other CAI trails in the Mugello valley. The part between Fiesole and Florence is very short (less than 7km from center to center but less considering the two towns touch each other) but uphill if taken from Florence, downhill if taken from Fiesole.

I am sure some parts overlap state roads and, in theory, can be done by car.... but, in general, consider it as a hiking trail.
For more hiking in Mugello (and other itineraries, including by car), take a look at the official site for the Mugello area: