From Florence to Mantova


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We are going to spend some days in Florence and we wish to visit Mantova.

From what I have searched, you can get by train but it takes a lot of hours. I also tried to see if there are regular bus connections from Florence to Mantova but I did not find any. So it seems that we have to rent a car. The problema is that I have seen the reviews of the rent a car companies and the coments are not good.

So I would like to know if somebody suggests ant rent a car company or if there is any other way to go from Florence to Mantova and return on the same day?

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Ciao Nuno,

Since Google Maps is telling me it takes 2.5 hours by train, either changing trains in Bologna or Verona and it's around the same time as driving there (don't know why you don't save time driving), I would suggest the train! With the train you arrive right in downtown and don't have to worry about parking - or renting and driving out of Florence or toll road fees either. So train for sure. You can see timetables on Google Maps as well as and (they do go there AND take less time, around 2 hours and 22 minutes).

Enjoy! I went to Mantova once a long time ago and remember the Ducal palace was lovely.