From Florence to Montecatini


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We're visiting Tuscany this October, and I'm determined to visit the opera in Italy. We're thinking of Florence. We would need reliable transportation back to our hotel in Montecatini, however, after the opera, probably around midnight or so. Do the trains run that late? If not, does the BluBus run late? And is it a safe option? Thank you!


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The last train is at 22.10 from Firenze SMN and arrives in Montecatini centro at 23.00

The last bus from Florence is at 20:15 and arrives in Montecatini at 21.03.
The schedule is here:

If these don't work out as schedules for the opera in Florence, you could see if the ones in Montecatini work for you - there are 3 in October:

Otherwise, you could arrange for a private driver to drive you back to Montecatini - take the train in, then the driver out (rather than a taxi since you can arrange ahead of time both pick-up and cost).
Here are just two companies that offer the service in the area: