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We are 27 people who need to travel from Florence to Siena and back again, and I want to know whether it is cheaper to travel with the bus or the train. As far as I could read on different sites, the travel time is basically the same, because the train station in Siena is far from the center of the city, where we have to be. Secondly, because we are so many people can we be offered a discount?


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Regardless of time, I always recommend the bus over train to Siena since it drops you off in the center just a few blocks from the Piazza del Campo whereas the train station is further away - and thus requires a longer walk or even a bus.

Have you read this for more details?

At around 8 euros per person one-way, the round trip for 27 people is around 432 euros. I have not heard of any discounts being available, but you can certainly ask when purchasing tickets.
In any case, I'd suggest contacting a private bus company such as Giotto ( and ask for a price estimate for your group. If it comes to less than that, I'd suggest booking your own small bus rather than taking the SITA bus! I have no idea what the cost could be, so let us know so that I can know whether it is a better alternative or not.


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Another solution


you could always look into renting a bus.

The price might be about the same - but you will have a lot more freedom in moving about - maybe even allowing you to tour a bit of Chianti along the way (or while come back).

For example, you can write Stedop and ask for a quote: ( ) I have used them in the past and they are reliable, and speak English.

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