From Lucca to Firenze: By train, by car or combining both?


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At the end of September I will visit Toscana with my wife and kids (age 15 and 11) by car and we plan to hire an appartment in Lucca and make day trips in surroundings - for example to Firenze (and PIsa and maybe some other places)

My first idea was to take train between Lucca and Firenze, but I realized that the journey take on average around an hour and a half and prices starts at 52,60 EUR return ticket for four of us. On the other side, going by car will take us to Firenze in only an hour and cost of petrol and higway is only half of that of the train ticket. But ... then we have a parking problem, to find a parking lot and to pay it. :)

So, my idea is to go by car to some of the local stations close to Firenze, park there (hopefully having low price or even for free) and make the final step by train. For an example, Siesto Fiorentino looks good for this kind of purpose.

What do you think of my idea?
Do you know some better place to combine car and train (either because of better parking facilities or better price) or you maybe know some way to save money on train tickets as I would prefer npt to use much the car within cities?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Car to from Lucca


I know it can seem overwhelming to take the car into Florence, but personally I would think it more confusing to park and then need to navigate the public transport system. However, yes Sesto Fiorentino is a good option. Just in case you want to try the parking in Florence, read here for some parking ideas.

There is an option for children where they can ride for free... but it is not valid for regional trains.

Buon Viaggio,

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