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Hi! First of all, I apologize for any grammar o spelling errors , Im Mexican hahahaha! but I have to post and know your opinion. I want to know if you can recommend me what to do! My husband, another couple and I are going to Paris for 10 days, this July, we are going to stay in our friends house but we have 3 days to spare and we love to go to Tuscany. We want a culinary adventure a some beautiful places to see and enjoy the company. In your experience what do you recomend?
Thanx! Carolina


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just 3 days? stay in Florence!

Hola Carolina!

3 days is not a lot to spend in Tuscany so if this is the first time you're coming to the region, I'd recommend you base yourself in Florence. You can easily spend at least two full days in Florence - see this 2 day itinerary in Florence for just an idea of all that you can do in that time.

You could either spend the 3rd day on a day trip nearby - you can easily get to Pisa by train from Florence.

Or you could include a cooking class on the 3rd day and spend the time cooking and then eating what you make! You could do one of the cooking classes offered by Vinaio or actually stay at a B&B that offers cooking classes, such as the Stanze di Santa Croce

You'll find great food and wine in Florence, many restaurants have communal tables so you'll have company whether you want it or not! :) Please feel free to post any more of your questions!!
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