From Pescara to Tuscany


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Hello everyone!
Need an expert advice on the best route to go from Pescara thru Tuscany to Bologna. We have only 6 days (arriving to Pescara from Croatia on 12.08 and flying out from Bologna to Moscow on 19.08 at midnight). How to best plan the route? We want to see nice views, frescos/mosaics, architecture/paintings/sculputre, but also eat, drink and have fun! We are my wife, I and our 5 year boy. We will rent car in Peacara. Probably, we shall visit Perugia, Siena, Florence, Montalcino, Montepulciano? Is it feasible to squeeze in 1 day by sea (Ala Punta?) Please help to develop a nice and interesting route. Thank you!


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idea for an itin


12 - 13 /08 1 day beach and Pescara (stay at the beach in Pescara instead of trying to make it to Punta Ala
14/08 1 day at Assisi/Perugia and area.
15/08 1 day Remember this is a national holiday. go towards Chiusi, Cetona, Sarteano (Palio and festival on the 15th), Montepulciano
16 & 17/08 Siena - first a day exploring the countryside and THEN a full day in Siena….there is the Palio games in this period and it will be PACKED on the 16th
18/08 day Florence - you can even drop off the car and take the train to bologna.
19/08 leave

Buon Viaggio,
Donna Denise


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I agree with Donna in that Punta Ala and the coast are the most out of your way and would make you waste time, so drop that and spend time on the Adriatic coast first.

On the 16th in Siena -- if you want to experience the Palio, you could arguably head straight there EARLY as town gets packed. But all revolves around Palio and all attractions are closed.
Then experience the more quiet Siena the day after. Or as Donna suggested, explore countryside between Montepulciano and Siena on that day (visit Pienza, San Quirico, Montalcino), making your way to Siena only after Palio is over.


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Donna and Lourdes

Thank you very much both for valuable advice!
Instead of driving to Punta Ala we are now seriously considering staying for a couple of days on lake Bolsena!