From Rome to San Gimignano onward to Santa Margharita need advice!

Marie :)

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So my dear friend is treating me to my first trip to Italy in September. We'll spend a few days in Rome then head to Sienna (funny...I thought it was Siena) in San Gimignano? (again...totally mixed up on this fine point...though I do have the hotel name correct)

After 2 days in San G. we head to Santa Margharita, then Portofino. 2 days in each.

I'm trying to find and not over load...a few places, since we'll be stop along our routes. After reading about the thermal falls that is a definite. Or perhaps you know of somewhere closer and not as far out of the way. I really just like to become a part of the fabric where I am going. I LOVE meeting the locals, small places to eat...

Any suggestions would be hugely appreciated. I like the unusual...which of course...everything will be unusual for me to start with as I have never been! :)

Put another way...I don't want to be driving 24/7. Just a few special places maybe we could stop and see something special on the way to each of these would be apprecaited.

Thanks You so very much. Peace & :)

Marie T. Wiley


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As far as the thermal falls go, I'd suggest as you head north to drive to Bagni San Filippo and do those and then head up into the Val d'Orcia to see San Quirico and Pienza before continuing along to Siena (it is Siena, although many spell it Sienna in English).

While you're in SG, I'd suggest a day trip to Volterra and to Colle Val d'Elsa and Monteriggioni.

My suggestion is to explore the area you're in without being in a hurry to get elsewhere -- and to be prepared to stop off the road when you see interesting signs, such as direct sales of cheeses (in the Pienza area) and the same for wine tastings. That is the best way to find the small wineries that are do not do any other type of advertising to get customers.