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Need to go from Siena to Pisa on Saturday 27th August. However on the trenitalia website I found that from from Certaldo to Pogginbonsi is going to be closed.

Dalle ore 23.00 di venerdì 26 alle ore 5.00 di lunedì 29 agosto 2016, per lavori di potenziamento infrastrutturale, la circolazione dei treni sarà sospesa tra le stazioni di Certaldo e Poggibonsi sulla linea Empoli – Siena.
Nella tratta interessata dai lavori sarà istituito un servizio sostitutivo con bus.
Le informazioni in dettaglio dei treni e dei bus interessati sono consultabili presso: emettitrici automatiche self service ETS ed i canali di vendita su questo sito.

Is there any other option to arrive faster?



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There aren't that many options, have a look at this article which contains up-to-date information on moving around from Siena:

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PS - normally the bus solution takes just about the same about of time as the train...maybe just a tad bit longer...but its not like the city trains travel at high speeds. If you had to take a bus from Rome to Florence...then that would take a lot longer...but from Pisa to Siena (or vice versa) the times shouldn't vary all that much.


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Given that you'll have to change to bus and back to train, I'd suggest you just take a BUS from Siena to Pisa. You'll have to change bus in Florence but it will be simpler process overall. The link to the bus schedule is on that page Donna linked above.