Fron Greve in Chianti to Siena!


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I'm travelling around beautiful Tuscany in a month and I've been searching everywhere ways to get from Greve in Chianti to Siena but can't find out how or if there actually is a bus or train that can take me to Siena. I can't go back to Firenze because I'll be traveling from northern Italy to south, hope you can help me!!


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Greve to Siena

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Unfortunately there are not too many options. You are crossing "county lines" between Greve and Siena -only certain types of public transport will do that, like the SITA buses - and even then they will do it on major roads (and not the pretty back roads).

This means, you need to either get to Radda or Castellina in Chianti where you can catch a bus direct to Siena


from Greve you need to go back to Florence to catch a bus that will take you to Siena.

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