fun rental car requirements


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I would like to rent a mini cooper in Italy, picking up at the Florence airport, make a loop around Lucca, Pisa and Tuscany for about 7 days. A rep with is offering a reasonable price. To make a reservation, however he are asking for
CREDIT CARD (VISA, MASTERCARD. american express +4%)

Of course we will provide this info when we get there and receive the car, however I am a bit leary about sending this information beforehand just to reserve, given how rampant identity theft is these days.

Does anyone have any experience with this firm and/or is this up-front information requirement "normal?"




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Their website does say that these are the documents that they request in order to reserve, given that they are specialized in luxury cars of a certain level.
I'd send the info but not by email. Send everytjing by fax, it is safer from interceptions AND specify the amount they are authorized to charge ahead of time for the booking. They say it is usually 30-40% of total.
The company seems legit and given they also rent Ferraris, etc. the reason they might ask for this additional stuff is to do a financial check on potential clients... I would! ;)
Have FUN and enjoy Tuscany!