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We are now planning a return trip for next summer/fall but replacing Rome on the itinerary with Paris


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Yes, there are towns we have not seen yet and things in Florence we did not do last month that we will need more advice on. Plus, we didn't get to Sting's store.


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wonderful! :)

That sounds fantastic Joe! I am glad Italy and Tuscany made a good impression on you and your fiance' and that you're coming back next year :).

Don't hesitate to post any doubts or questions you might have as you start planning your trip. Even if we're the only ones to answer, we hope to provide useful suggestions :).

For example, did you visit at all the area to the south of Siena? I don't think it was on your itinerary and I really recommend passing a day or two in the area of the Val d'Orcia. Did you make it to San Gimignano?